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Room in the Jameson Crane Surgical Skills Lab with beds with circular lights suspended above, a large red O on floor center
Jameson Crane Surgical Skills Lab

Practice Makes Perfect


The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Project Location

Columbus, OH


6,500 SF

Project Type


The new Surgical Skills Lab and Stealth Lab for Innovation and Collaboration Lab continues to propel the Wexner Medical Center as a recognized world leader in Orthopedics. Serving as both a showcase for the internationally renowned Orthopedics program and a working lab, the project is designed with a rigorous regularity in space planning and ceiling plane. Designed to operate in multiple configurations, the layout blends surgical precision with a minimalist interior punctuated by lighting and equipment.

Adjacent to the lab is cadaver storage, a sterile processing operation, locker rooms with a shower, and a viewing gallery. Technology-rich group teaching rooms provide connectivity to the lab. The space provides access to daylight and outdoor views, uncommon for a lab of its use type. In addition to teaching and instruction, this lab will serve to facilitate the development of new procedures for medical students and practitioners from around the world.

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