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Solve energy challenges with reliable renewables engineering from trusted technical experts.

From the ground up

Ground-Mount & Utility-Scale Solar

Future-ready renewables projects at scale contribute to companies’, municipalities’, and utilities’ decarbonization commitments. They also improve operational resilience. Our licensed engineers have the capacity to deliver in all 50 U.S. states and its outlying territories. We engineer for optimum system performance across production, transmission, and distribution, balancing site-specific environment effects and loads over the installation’s life-cycle. This approach decreases project materials and costs. Our client partners include leading EPCs such as McCarthy, Mortenson, Renewable Energy Systems, and others.

ground mount solar panel array


Recommended Reads

Sky High

Roof-Mount Solar

For iconic consumer brands, sports venues, government entities, or publicly-funded educational institutions, roof-mounted solar installations can be a powerful, visible signal of environmental commitments and ESG goals. Having designed roof-mount solar projects in 29 U.S. states, our experts are fluent in the evolving framework of solar incentives, helping you minimize upfront costs while immediately reducing operating costs.

rooftop solar panel array roof mounted three engineers stand over

Three round buildings with rounded angular sloping roofs in a flat valley buildings reflected in a small body of water

Google Bay View

Knitting Beauty, Innovation, and Sustainability

Google Bay View's 1.1 million-square-foot-campus features a first-of-its-kind solar design with 50,000 silver solar panels on three rooftops.

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Defining a Practice

Sophia Piatczyc
Electrical Designer | Associate Kansas City

Sophia Piatczyc

“The pace of change in renewables is remarkable, and 91Ʋ positions me at the center of it all. In less than four years, I’ve become a Project Manager and touched more than 100 solar projects – all while maintaining my personal focus on sustainability. Can’t wait for what’s next.”

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Wesley Davis
Queries? Please contact: Wesley Davis, Renewable Energy Leader

Meet our People

Our sector, discipline, and executive leaders are dispersed to mentor the next generation of employee-owners, counsel clients, and share their design voice in their local communities.

Black curved wall section with rounded dip in ceiling leading to dining. Left, translucent purple wall room below white wall

Design Opportunities

The concept of ownership, its importance to our culture, and the immense benefits are rather simple. Driven by opportunity, we make decisions that impact not only our success but also that of our clients and partners. our clients and partners.

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