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The University of Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab training facility with grey and turf floor in white room with red padding
University of Nebraska

Maximizing Athletic Performance


Athletic Performance Lab

Project Location

Lincoln, NE


25,500 SF

Project Type


The Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab is a world-leading research and educational facility focusing on the performance enhancement, safety, and long-term well-being of athletes. Our design creates a cutting-edge laboratory where athletics, academics, and private sector research come together to capture a scientific view of sports performance.

In addition to exercise and nutritional interventions, athletes’ movements are studied precisely and measured against their performance on the field. Along with protecting and improving the health and welfare of players, staff assess regular-season and post-season levels of fitness and physical thresholds through sophisticated biomarkers and instant electronic feedback.

The multi-story facility is located within the east side of Memorial Stadium. The lower level houses the Dynamic Space, where athletes are observed in their regular performance environment including synthetic field turf and rubberized and hardwood flooring. Also included is a batting cage, a golf training area, a basketball/volleyball court, cardiovascular zone, running lane, locker rooms, and storage areas. The Collaborative Space, on the upper level, contains flexible lab and work areas that provide an environment for researchers, athletic trainers, coaches, clinicians, and industry partners to gather. These spaces include research and testing facilities, a biomarker laboratory, bone density scanner, and ultrasound.

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