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a long stretch of reflective black photovoltaic panels stretching into the horizon line of a sunset on a rooftop skyline

Renewables: The Future of Energy

Wesley Davis

By the year 2050, a whopping 85% of the world’s electricity is expected to come from renewable energy sources, according to . Buildings account for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions; how can you make the pivot now to prepare for the future?

Ground mount photovoltaic array for private utility client. Photo by Sam Kittner.

The answer is clear that we must be innovative in the pursuit of a carbon-free future, think differently, and invite new and relevant players to the energy landscape.  Renewable energy planning for the consumer and the supplier is critical to an environmentally friendly and resilient future.

The solar energy industry of 2022 brings with it huge opportunities as a proven technology capable of producing clean, efficient energy. From ground mount to rooftop to full scale solar architectural installations, both system capacity and demand is growing. Today, the average price per watt for commercial photovoltaic systems is around $1.72, compared to $5.57 in 2010, .

Most energy and economic experts believe the future of renewable energy is being defined by its parallel use with energy storage. Solar paired with storage will enable a broader energy transformation with increased vehicle electrification along with elevated environmental and social awareness of our daily carbon footprint. The push for renewable energy is driving a green economy and lifestyle with infinite dynamics. We take a holistic approach to solar design which includes the following considerations:

Analysis and Modeling

A critical first step for energy professionals is to analyze and model clients’ current or desired future state as it relates to renewable energy.  This should include the following:

  • Evaluate facility energy consumption
  • Develop power generation performance models
  • Optimize PV plant design
  • Selection assistance for modules, inverters, racking, and system type (fixed or tracking)
  • Interconnection assistance

Site Assessments

Moving into the new energy future requires action and a team that understands site considerations with a commitment to assess potential sites for renewable projects. Site assessments should include:

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Site configuration
  • Shading analysis
  • Proximity to utilities

Solar canopy at NRG Miami Heat Arena in Miami. Photo by Moris Moreno.

Detailed Electrical Design

Key to any renewable energy project is a comprehensive and realizable electrical design. Electrical design should include the following:

  • Complete AC and DC design
  • Battery storage system design
  • Grounding design
  • Equipment specifications
  • Electrical site plans
  • SCADA/DAS design
  • Specialty design studies including arc flash, short-circuit, grounding and coordination study
  • Commissioning assistance

Project Management

Ensuring that your renewable energy project is planned, designed, constructed, and available for the new energy futures is paramount for success and long-term resilience. Project management considerations should:

  • Coordinate with queue management with utility
  • Coordinate design/construction team
  • Document submission and coordination to comply with local, state, and federal codes

MGM Mandalay Bay solar array in Las Vegas. Photo by Eric Melzer.

With a portfolio of over 500 energy projects in the past five years we have a deep base of expertise in the design, implementation, and integration of renewable energy systems. We are prepared and excited for an even brighter future in renewables propelled by advancements in technology and growing industry demands. Contact me if you want to learn more about our renewable design services for systems ranging from small, distributed generation systems to multi-megawatt utility-scale photovoltaic arrays.

Wesley Davis
For renewable energy systems, contact: Wesley Davis, Renewable Energy Leader


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