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Brand book for Gretna High School Dragons, in Nebraska. Two page spread of logo treatments and color palettes
Gretna High School Rebrand

Go Dragons: A New Brand without Limitations


Gretna Public Schools


Gretna High School Rebrand

Project Location

Gretna, Nebraska


Brand Development and Experiential Graphic Design

Established in 1964, Gretna High School is located directly west of Omaha. After years of using different logo marks to identify the school’s mascot – the dragon – school leaders sought a new visual brand identity. Our team was hired to develop logo marks that are unique to any other school in the nation. The result is a new dragon logo including alternate versions, and a new “G” that replaces the previously borrowed Green Bay Packers mark. This update also creates a fresh new look for students, faculty, alumni, and community members.

The deliverable is both a brand guide that school leaders can use to implement the brand and an experiential graphics package that showcases brand elements used throughout high volume spaces within the facility. The brand guide includes directions on typography, color, and identity mark usage, and includes a series of badges that can be incorporated. It also demonstrates numerous design options for business materials, uniforms, and merchandise using the new Dragon brand. 91Ʋ provided brand development and experiential graphic design services.

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