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Beaverton School District's Sato Elementary School exterior. Grey textured walls below yellow 2nd floor with skywalk between
Beaverton School District

Equitable Prototype Design for Elementary Schools


Beaverton School District

Project Location

Beaverton, OR


Architecture, engineering, interiors, building optimization

Projections tied to growth and a need for long-range planning drove a key component of Beaverton School District’s capital improvement program to develop a successful elementary school prototype design. 91Ʋ’s design began with the identification of three significant criteria: housing up to 750 K-through-5 students; flexibility to fit on multiple sites; and responsiveness to district needs.

Typical prototype design standards were challenged and redefined in this unique, vertically driven design which prioritizes daylight and fresh air, as well as easy separation of spatial typologies. Beaverton has committed to provide new capacity through projects such as the prototype elementary schools – keeping safety and security at the forefront of all planning and design. Centralized commons serve as the heart of each school, with adjacent site connections and views. The first two schools opened in fall of 2017, a third in 2018 and a fourth in 2019.


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