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AC Hotel by Marriott & Element Miami Brickell, a tall tower with midlevel patio and outdoor pool with seating area in downtown Miami surrounded by tall buildings
AC Hotel by Marriott & Element Miami Brickell

Merging the Essence of Two Hospitality Brands

Project Location

Miami, FL






Architecture, interiors

Beating at the epicenter of Miami Brickell is the striking new 22-story, dual brand hotel—AC Hotel by Marriott & Element. Spoken in the contrasting black and white exterior envelope and transposed within the interior experience—two distinct hotel brands blend in perfect unity. Steps from the urban location, two bodies of water merge into one, and thus, the design draws inspiration from the Miami river’s confluence with Biscayne Bay. Both brands, connected yet distinct, resonate within the essence of their branding and are elevated by luxury experiences, a hallmark of the neighborhood.

The interior space is reminiscent of water currents that ebb and flow effortlessly with reflections of sun-soaked light and earth-bound textures, creating an enduring guest experience. Influenced by the exterior architectural language, a zippering effect of integrated branding and materials creates visual cohesion throughout.

Find Balance with the Element Hotel

On the Element hotel side, natural materials, a hallmark of its wellness positioning, are complemented by soaring views of the urban character of Brickell and a beckoning sky pool. An organically staggered wood pattern backdrop sets the reception desk in a wave-like motion. A lofty lounge space engulfed in floor-to-ceiling natural light and delicate white and cream tones defines a voluminous space supporting work, socializing, and respite. Cascading from the double-height ceiling, an opaque glass sculpture forms a sweeping motion such as waves curling across the ocean.

Fully Emerged with AC Hotels

On the AC Hotel side, poignantly grounded by the influence of sultry masculinity, the lobby features layered artwork, dramatic millwork detailing, and dark stone with tasteful European influence. Upon arrival, guests experience an intimacy at check-in. Leveraging the intrigue of a late-night stroll on the beach, warm wood slats like palm fronds vertically emerge overhead, while large linear tile patterns have the feeling of water-washed sand. Beyond, the space opens into an inviting oasis of lounge and bar.

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