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91Ʋ Continues to Grow K-12 Education Leadership in Texas

firm news

91Ʋ Continues to Grow K-12 Education Leadership in Texas

(AUSTIN, Texas, April 18, 2024) – 91Ʋ announces the addition of Principals and K-12 Education Leaders Jonathan Loiselle, AIA, and A.J. Sustaita, AIA, as well as Principal and K-12 Education Leader Peter Brown’s, FAIA, move to the Texas studio. These strategic moves further position 91Ʋ as the leading education design firm serving school districts and communities in Texas.

Principals and K-12 Education Leaders Peter Brown’s, FAIA; Jonathan Loiselle, AIA; and A.J. Sustaita, AIA

Principals and K-12 Education Leaders Peter Brown’s, FAIA; A.J. Sustaita, AIA; and Jonathan Loiselle, AIA

Since joining 91Ʋ in 2021, Brown has led the K-12 Education studio in Asia, as well as other international markets. Fluent in all aspects of educational operations, Brown is recognized globally for directing design initiatives for educational projects. He’ll now take his prowess and lead design teams in Texas to grow 91Ʋ’s K-12 Education footprint in the Lone Star state.

Loiselle’s 30 years of design experience, including an impressive K-12 Education portfolio, solidify him as a respected leader in the industry. Most recently he’s worked with public school districts in Central Texas, drawing on his passion for kids and their educational experience to design inspiring learning environments. As K-12 education leader, Loiselle builds relationships with school districts across the state and collaborates with district partners to ensure objectives and expectations are met by the project teams.

Sustaita, a second-generation architect, touts a diverse design portfolio, specializing in K-12 education design over the last 18 years. His passion for leaving a legacy through design has led to building successful design teams, as well as client relationships. He’ll take these experiences as K-12 education leader to foster genuine connections with the communities and team members he works with every day.

All three are actively engaged in the industry outside of their work at 91Ʋ, especially with the American Institute of Architects. As a Fellow with the AIA, Brown presents regularly to business and professional audiences on design and education related topics. In December 2020, he lectured as part of Tianjin University’s International Architects Forum Series. Loiselle is a past chapter president of the AIA and an A4LE member. In addition, he is actively involved in fundraising for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Sustaita is also involved in both state and national AIA initiatives. He is a past president of AIA Houston. He believes that being involved in these programs helps influence and support the positive direction of the profession and industry.

91Ʋ Senior Principal and Brand Communications Manager andy ernsting
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