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91Ʋ Unveils Evolution of Campus 4.0 Research Study Outcomes

(DENVER, Colo.,  April 30, 2024) – 91Ʋ recently completed the fourth phase of our Evolution of Campus research study, an initiative that began as a listening exercise to understand the point of view of our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. That initiative has blossomed into an in-depth framework for our Higher Education Sector, representing over 6.5 million students across 240 institutions.

the American Council on Education, 70% of university presidents say their most pressing issue is student wellness. To address this growing concern, Evolution of Campus Research 4.0 focused on student engagement and wellbeing and unveiled valuable information that has the potential to help institutions reexamine and reimagine their approach to student support. Conducted during the spring and summer of this year, the primary aim of the research was to delve into the multifaceted aspects of student wellbeing, focusing on the 8 dimensions of the : emotional, social, financial, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and environmental health. Together, these dimensions intersect to achieve holistic wellbeing.

Interviews were conducted with 51 leaders from facilities, student affairs, and related areas at 40 institutions across the United States. 53% of interviewees were reporting from 4-year public institutions, 25% from 4-year private institutions, and the remaining 22% from community colleges. 55% were in urban settings, 27% in suburban, 16% in rural, and 2% nonreporting.

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Evolution of Campus 4.0 Research Outcomes

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