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Night view of Hilton and Canopy by Hilton hotels

2024 Architect of the Year

Principal & Middle East Design Director Henrique Dias wins Architect of the Year at the Design Middle East Awards KSA 2024. This well-deserved recognition highlights his remarkable talent and his profound impact on the architectural landscape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Henrique’s portfolio includes high-profile hospitality projects, including Canopy The Point in Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His approach seamlessly merges local art and architecture, taking inspiration from its surroundings while embodying Canopy by Hilton’s lifestyle brand philosophy.

Henrique’s visionary approach to design and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation has set him apart in a competitive field.

Design Middle East Awards KSA

2024 Architect of the Year

Celebrating the creative best from the region’s design and architecture industry, the annual event honors top architects, designers, projects, and firms.



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