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curved single story building with flat roof floor to ceiling glass facade with yellow panels. concrete paths in desertscape
San Diego Youth Transition Campus

Reimagining Juvenile Detention to Enhance Youth


San Diego County

Project Location

San Diego, CA


140,000 SF



The parti is based on a holistic notion of a circle and connectivity. The distribution of the housing as a circle emphasizes the importance of the whole – the multiple circulation paths emphasize the connectivity of the individual to the community in a nurturing natural environment. Nature is invited into the campus incorporating native species creating opportunities for youth to observe and develop an appreciation for the butterflies, hummingbirds, and countless species that call San Diego home.

Residential living areas are planned as small units of 12 residents to encourage youth and staff interaction and support small-group therapy in a home-like setting of a familiar residential scale; a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces are provided, encouraging staff/resident interaction. Transparency to families and the community was an important consideration, and views into the campus are afforded to all from staff, public, and common areas.

A Time for Change

Correctional News Feature: May/June 2020

A design-build team review of positive change through relationships with committed youth focused on healing, equity, and transformation.

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